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Torque Release Technique

Torque Release Technique (TRT) is one of the newest and most advanced techniques in modern chiropractic. This “low-force” adjustment style is developed from research as the first technique to help increase the reproducibility and validity of an adjustment using an instrument. This is the most used adjustment style at our office.

The instrument above produces a thrust and recoil at 1/10000 of a second every time. Making it a fast, light, and an extremely precise adjustment. The gentle yet fast approach allows for usage on all ages and populations in our office. The technique is functional and vitalistic. It is used in a scientific model of chiropractic, created to help patients achieve the very best results. The integrator instrument provides the ability to remove spinal interferences in the patient. TRT allows the practitioner to focus on vital connections between the spinal cord and the spinal column. More research on the technique may be found at

Drop Table

Thompson Drop Table is a commonly used technique, which is also light, and effective. The technique utilizes the drop of the uniquely designed table piece to help produce a specific adjustment. In our office, Drop Table is commonly used on the pelvis and ribs.

Webster Technique

Webster Technique is a gentle non-invasive Chiropractic technique that can be used on all of our patients, including pregnant patients. The technique focuses on the joints, muscles, and ligaments surrounding the lower abdomen. Our Surrey Chiropractor is a Webster Certified Chiropractor through the ICPA.


Extremities can commonly become fixated as well, mainly due to minor or major sprains, athletic sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries etc. Specific extremity adjustments can be applied to some joints (ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, shoulders) in our body, allowing for a greater range of motion at the joints.