Foundations Family Chiropractic



Every single function in our body is controlled by one system – the Nervous System. Did you know, as you read this, your Nervous System is also digesting food, telling your heart to beat, killing off cells & making new ones? Chiropractic aims to locate areas of interference and stress in the spine as it relates directly to the nervous system.

Adjustments help remove stress so the nervous system can function optimally. Allowing the nervous system to function optimally allows health to be restored and lets our bodies function the way they are innately designed to.

At Foundations Family Chiropractic we focus on your nervous system. The nervous system controls everything in your body, including all your breathing, digestive, muscular, and overall function. Working on your nervous system allows you to achieve optimal well-being.

Chiropractic itself is not a cure for anything, it is not even about your symptoms. Although many patients see symptom relief, we want your brain and body to navigate through all the stresses it faces throughout your life. Adjustments improve the function of your nervous system.