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Spinal Therapy is a therapy method that’s been receiving attention thanks to the prevalence of back pain among today’s youth. Even before our world pivoted towards the digital, we’ve already been faced with a surge of spinal disorders that both children and adolescents face. Developments in chiropractic care and pediatric healthcare have helped to advance our understanding of what can be done to help.

Here at Foundations Family Chiropractic, we focus on providing families with therapeutic solutions to keep themselves healthy. We’ll go through the prevalence of back pain in today’s youth and how spinal manipulation therapy might be able to help. Alongside that, we’ll show you just what Foundations Family Chiropractic can do for you as the best family chiropractic Surrey service provider.

Spinal Disorders and Back Pain: Its Prevalence In The Modern Day

As we’re seeing a focus on the digital world, children are living more sedentary lives that have caused a surge in cases of Back Pain. Underlying causes for this phenomenon include herniated discs, spinal deformation, muscle strains, and other disorders. Even before the start of the 2020s, researchers were already investigating the link of heavy school backpacks to cases of back pain in children.

This surge has caused worries that affected children will develop worse spinal disorders and even chronic lower back pain later on in their lives. Tracing down the history of this trend and developing effective solutions is imperative in helping the next generations live worry-free and healthy.

Luckily, treatment methods have expanded greatly in all sorts of manners. Some treatment options make use of anti-inflammatory drugs alongside post-treatment check-ups to ensure safe dosages. Others make use of exercise routines such as Pilates to improve the quality of life experienced by those affected.

Therapy Methods And Chiropractic Care For Children

With more children starting to experience cases of lower back pain and similar spinal disorders daily, access to therapy for these cases is important. Chiropractic care is another emerging field that more people are starting to recognize as an option for their children. Let’s go through some of the ways that Chiropractors can help care for your children:

Spinal Therapy and Manipulation

Due to children having less rigid skeletal systems whilst having increased flexibility, many professionals take great care when dealing with pediatric cases. This involves effective patient communication and proper informed consent. Rest assured, professional chiropractors will always explain each procedure to be done in clear and simple ways.

Research into the effectiveness of Spinal Manipulation on Pediatric Patients has looked into what chiropractors consider before treatment starts. It includes looking into the patient’s health history, relative flexibility, and whether they prefer soft tissue massages or other procedures. It goes hand-in-hand with the consultation services that chiropractors usually provide.

How Is Spinal Manipulation Therapy Performed On Children?

In a professional sense, spinal manipulation therapy concerns the usage of hand movements to mechanically induce a change in the patient’s joints, muscles, and tissues. In simpler terms, it’s when a skilled chiropractor makes movements on a patient’s spine to restore movement range or function. Of course, the movement is done within our own body’s range of motion and doesn’t exceed it.

We may use several techniques like the “Torque Release Technique”. This is one of the most recently developed techniques in Chiropractic Care and emphasizes “low-velocity” manipulations. An instrument is used to produce fast and light adjustments to fix any problems related to the connection with the spine.

Help Your Children Grow Healthy Through Therapeutic Care!

All this concern about back pain and its prevalence in today’s generation of children has gotten parents understandably worried for their future. As parents, we don’t want anything hampering their growth and development. Chiropractic care, along with your physician’s guidance, can be just the solution you’re looking for.

Foundations Family Chiropractic is focused on being the best choice when choosing a Family Chiropractic Surrey firm. We’ve provided our local community with quality chiropractic service to ensure each client lives a pain-free and healthy lifestyle. Visit our website for a full roster of our techniques and the different disorders and challenges we can help you with!

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