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Snow season is upon us, here are some helpful tips to avoid injury while shovelling the driveway this year! First, I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, lift with your knees, NOT your back. Improper lifting technique is the biggest culprit of winter injuries. Second, doing some small warm ups before you begin can be an amazing preventative measure to eliminate the chance of an injury in the first place, as well as staying warm while you are outside to keep your muscles from tightening. Last but not least, make sure you are using the proper equipment. Today’s shovels are designed a bit more ergonomically to really assist in the shovelling process. Despite your best efforts you may still find yourself feeling off or sore after shovelling, if that’s the case make sure to schedule an appointment with us at Foundations Family Chiropractic here in Cloverdale as soon as possible. To make chores easier this year, Dr. Grewal would be happy to show you the appropriate way to shovel snow and demonstrate some stretches to keep you feeling your best during the holidays!

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